House rules

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Anyone who comes to us to play airsoft or skirmish can be sure of a social event in which fair play and team work prevail. Airsoft is a gentleman’s sport that takes place in a relaxed and amicable setting. Check out our house rules below:

If you are hit, shout “hit” loudly and put on a fluorescent garment so that you are visible to others. Afterwards, please make your way to the respawn or safety zone. If your replica is hit, you will no longer be able to use it and you will need to switch to your side arm.

Our marshals are present on site throughout the game. They supervise fair play and hits and issue warnings, if necessary. A second warning will result in getting disqualified.

The minimum age to participate in an event provided by is fourteen years. People under the age of eighteen require written permission from their parents.

In case of a cancellation, you will receive your full registration fee back if you can provide a valid reason. It is best to do this 30 days in advance. Some conditions:

  • Three weeks before the start, you will be refunded 75% of your registration fee.
  • Two weeks before the start, you will be refunded 50% of your registration fee.
  • Seven days before the start, the right to reimbursement lapses.

Badges, flags, logos, and clothing that refers to extreme groups are not permitted on our premises.

Respect for people, nature, and animals is paramount at Never point your replica at an animal or a passer-by.

In our safety zone, garbage bins are available to dispose of your waste. If you leave any waste on our premises, you will be excluded from the game and you will no longer be welcome at any of our following events.

We only use biodegradable BB’s from various brands. You can also purchase them on site.

If your belongings are damaged or stolen, we remove the person who’s responsible from the site and follow up with a police report. The person who’s responsible will also be banned from any future skirmish activities or other events.

If you lose your belongings yourself, you are responsible and cannot be held accountable. Have you found a piece of equipment on our premises? Please hand it over to us.

Only airsoft weapons are allowed on our premises. Participants who prefer to include knives, may only use with rubber or plastic ones. Real firearms and knives are strictly forbidden.

It is prohibited by law to transport your replica visibly and ready for use. Transport it in a suitcase or a bag. We advise you to keep the magazines and replicas separate.

Joule testing will begin on 1 January 2023, based on the number of joules and the weight you play with.

  • AEG 1.2 joule
  • Sniper 2.3 joule
  • DMR 1.7 joule, single shot only, low- or midcaps, DMR-looks

A standard safety distance of five metres applies to AEGs and other replicas. For snipers in particular, this is 20 meters.

The safety zone is clearly marked. Once you enter that zone, remove the magazine from your replica and disarm your weapon. The latter is done by unloading a few shots on the playground before you walk into the safety zone.

Then put your weapon in ‘safe’ mode. In our safety zone, you should always point your weapon downwards and dry shots are not allowed. You can unload your gun at the FPS stand or on site.

Our safety glasses are of vital importance to guarantee your safety. Therefore, whether during a game or on the playing field: never remove them, even if the glasses are fogged up. When a marshal discovers that you have taken off your glasses, he will ask you to leave immediately and you will no longer be entitled to a refund.

If you rent a kit from us, you are obliged to sign and agree to a declaration of liability. For example, you are responsible for the rented materials and their condition. If any parts are damaged, you must reimburse them as indicated in the declaration of liability.

Handling airsoft weapons does not go well with alcohol and drug use. There is a strict ban on alcohol and/or drugs before, during and after our events. Having a drink can only be done as soon as a skirmish event has ended. We can exclude and remove participants from our site at any time, without them being entitled to a refund. In case of drug use, we are forced to inform police services.

Have you got any questions about our house rules?

Feel free to contact us!